We are an Estate Sale Company that specializes in helping seniors. We focus on Fine Jewelry, Chinese and Asian Antiques, and High-End Art

Are you selling your home or your home’s contents? Selling the contents of someone else’s home?

Then keep all your worries aside, as we are always here to assist! 

CA Treasure Estate Sales is your one-stop service provider to take care of the entire liquidation process as you plan to move or sell. We truly value and take pride in the principles of honesty, integrity, ethics, and ensure to provide you with a seamless transition. We are owned and operated through our family business and just like our own, will handle your property with utmost respect, love, and care.

We are a family-owned and operated business. Combined, we have over 18+ years of experience in the industry. We are insured and bonded. No matter what your circumstances are, big or small, we can help you in providing a professional estate sale or estate liquidation. A considerable portion of our estate sales come through previous clients, our regular customers, attorneys, and realtors. We love what we do and we make it our effort to ensure your peace of mind.


Organize, arrange, and display all items to be sold.
Use available tables, shelves, and areas for display purposes, but we will provide additional tables and display cases if necessary.
Clean and polish selected items being sold, such as silverware, fine china, furniture, and any other items that require some cleaning.
WE also offer the option of gathering and disposing of items that do not sell.


Sometimes a person does not have time to conduct an estate sale and that is when our estate liquidation services can come in handy. In this case, the owner would specify items wanting to be sold or moved, and with an appointment arranged, we can appraise your items and remove them.


Complete removal of all furnishing inside and outside of the home or business.

Arrange donation of items (if needed).
Dispose of all trash (including large furnishing, at a service rate).
Sweep the home.


At CA Treasure Estate Sales, we go the extra mile by providing a clean and organized estate. Our focus is to provide the care, support, and discretion necessary during this life transition. We believe in working hard and efficiently while still providing the highest level of familiarity and expertise. For your convenience, we are available by mobile phone or email.

Call us to schedule a free in-home consultation.